Legislation & Policy

The purpose of this Chapter is to describe BIA’s  function to: 
  1. carry out the trust responsibility of the United States and promote the self-determination of Indian tribes by providing for the management of Indian agricultural lands and related renewable resources in a manner consistent with identified tribal goals and priorities for conservation, multiple use, and sustained yield;
  2. authorize the Secretary to take part in the management of Indian agricultural lands, with the participation of the beneficial owners of the land, in a manner consistent with the trust responsibility of the Secretary and with the objectives of the beneficial owners;
  3. provide for the development and management of Indian agricultural lands; and
  4. increase the educational and training opportunities available to Indian people and communities in the practical, technical, and professional aspects of agriculture and land management to improve the expertise and technical abilities of Indian tribes and their members.

Traditional Knowledge and the Section 106 Process:  Information for Federal Agencies and Other Participants

The purpose of this paper is to explain the important role traditional knowledge can play in meeting these requirements.

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation Indian Tribes and Native Hawaiians Overview

Main web page describing the current focus and major initiatives of the Office of Native American Affairs.  This site also includes the Indian Tribe and Native Hawaiian Digital Library which includes government to government consultation agreements, native american resources, training and guidance, ACHP Native American Policies, Native Hawaiian Working Group, and Native American Papers

This agreement recognizes the role of Indians and Indian tribes as landowners, land users, and as sovereign governmental entities with authority and responsibility for the management of agricultural land and natural resource conservation programs on Indian lands.  Intent of the agreement is to improve access by tribes and tribal members to farm conservation programs within USDA NRCS

This document was developed in 1988 and was the document that was revised which created the 2019 signed MOU

This template specifies cooperation among USDA, tribal governments, and tribal conservation districts.