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This book equips producers with knowledge, skills and insights to regenerate ecosystem health and grow farm profits.

RANGE magazine is devoted to the issues that threaten the West, its people, lifestyles, lands and wildlife. Known for its powerful photos and straight talk, RANGE exposes a land and lifestyle in crisis and shows how daily challenges are being met with grit, determination and humor. RANGE is the leading forum for divergent viewpoints in the search for solutions that will halt the depletion of a national resource, the American cowboy.

Progressive Cattle provides practical beef operation management articles, timely news, cutting-edge technology information and thought-provoking opinions to you at no cost.

This is your destination for current research, decision-making tools, and training materials for sustaining the worlds vast rangelands.  In these websites you can search for and find links to more than 24,000 journal articles, websites, images, databases, videos, maps, reports, and decision making/educational tools. These resources are useful for research, teaching, and practical applications for management of rangelands.

High Country News is the nation’s leading source of reporting on the Western United States. They publish an award-winning magazine and a popular website, along with special reports and books. Through in-depth reporting, High Country News covers the West’s social, political and ecological issues. From Alaska and the Northern Rockies to the desert Southwest, the Great Plains to the West Coast, High Country News covers 12 Western states and hundreds of Indigenous communities. We are an essential magazine for people who care about this region.

Rangelands, is a publication from the Society for Range Management.  After obtaining membership to Society of Range Management, you will have access to articles on the current state of the science and art of rangeland management. Rangelands articles are more accessible and contextualized than typical of a traditional research journal while maintaining a high level of scientific merit and quality.  Topics within Rangelands include, rangeland management, ecology, soil science, hydrology, animal science, economics, social science, policy, and culture, and each peer-reviewed issue of Rangelands synthesizes these diverse fields for a wide community of land owners, rangeland managers, researchers, educators, and policymakers.

Members of the Society of Range Management can access their journal subscription by logging onto the SRM Business Site at logged in, select “Journals” from the menu bar. You will see a button below each journal to which you have online access, which will take you directly to that journal onElsevier’s Science Direct.  If you don’t see a button/link below a journal you think you should have access to, please contact, or by phone at 800-627-0326 x456.

This is also a publication from the Society for Range Management.  This technical peer reviewed journal publishes on ecology, management, socioeconomic, and policy pertaining to global rangelands.  This journal is the successor to Journal of Range Management and begins with Volume 58 (2005) to Present.

The Journal of Range Management is the predecessor of Rangeland Ecology & Management (RE&M).  This journal includes articles from Volumes 1 – 57 and years 1948 – 2004.  Access to RE&M is available from the Society for Range Managment.