Online Courses

Free online ecology, grazing management, monitoring methods, and restoration planning courses for tribal staff, faculty, and liaisons.

Resource Library

Reference materials, how-to manuals, and other supportive tribal staff and members may use for management of tribal lands.

Outreach Toolkits

Videos, print materials, and other resources focused on rangelands that tribal staff may use for community outreach and education.

Our Partnerships

Partnerships with tribal organizations and public agencies provide valuable perspective and support to our program.

What is the Native American Rangelands Partnership?

This initiative facilitates the collaboration with tribal partners and federal agencies to implement a long-term initiative that addresses several critical disconnects that impact the sustainable management of rangelands in Indian Country. Our tribal partners agreed that it was essential to train and support tribal staff in their efforts to manage rangelands and other natural resources for tribal members and on tribal lands. In addition, this effort provides support for federal and local agency staff who work with tribes in natural resource management, and also facilitates learning and collaboration between tribes, agencies, and academic institutions.  Click here to learn more about the partnership.